Energy Efficiency

It’s a little known fact that about half of all the energy produced is wasted. So addressing energy efficiency is a vitally important part of the transition to renewables and reducing costs.


This section is dedicated to the study of harmonic distortion and its remedy.


Harmonic distortion is a growing energy efficiency problem in modern electrical systems and has been more or less overlooked so far.


But a small group of master electricians in Missoula, Montana has made a study of harmonic distortion for more than ten years, what causes it and how to reduce or eliminate it.


They’ve developed an advanced technology that is able to boost the energy efficiency of buildings by 8-12%.


At the same time, a much healthier environment is created by eliminating potentially harmful electro-magnetic frequencies.


Electronics run cooler and with less energy, thus extending life.


So the technology pays for itself over and over again.

Independent Third Party Studies and Case Studies

Independent Third Party Studies

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