About the Solar Revolution Project

Solar Power from the very start has been a revolution and a movement. It represents a major shift not only in technology and ownership. It also implies a shift in consciousness.

And it serves as an answer to two of the most pressing issues of our time, one social and one environmental. They are centralized power and pollution/climate change.

When a home owner converts to solar power he or she is turning away from being involved in digging stuff up and burning it. So there is a very clear and positive shift away from their previous relationship with the earth to a much more holistic one.  

And the money and power that was flowing towards the fossil fuel industries and utilities is now flowing back to the individual. The result is greater personal power and economic savings.

Thus owning a solar power system is recognized as being the way of the future. Converting to solar is highly desirable to most home and commercial property owners.

But solar implementation has become mired in business as usual where clients can feel unsafe. There are often layers of complexity and stress that are senseless and needless. They make the experience of going solar painful and the end result is often less than satisfying. 

It’s a complex process with plenty of places for things to get more complicated and costly.

The Solar Revolution Project attempts to address these issues. Instead of adding layers of complexity, we add new layers of value. And we offer the possibility of on-going participation in the movement which provides both social and economic benefits for our clients.

We seek life time relationships and opportunities to serve and to spread the wealth that the mass conversion to solar power will create. Details of our business model are available in a half hour intro talk called, the Own Your Power Webinar.